About Us

China International Student Union (CISU) is an independent representative body of international students enrolled at universities and institutions in China.


The tremendous economic development of China has enabled it to enhance the country’s education and transformed the country into a hub for international students. Whereas foreign students traditionally only travelled to China for language courses, now students from around the world are increasingly drawn to China to enrol in technical courses and attain professional degrees.

Now as the most popular study destination in Asia, China has attracted students from all over the globe to pursue an education in its borders. We aim to help students utilize the opportunity they have to obtain the most fulfilling and enriching educational experience.

Our Values

At CISU, we focus on operating with 3 key values in mind : diversity , integrity, and collaboration.


We strive to represent students from various countries and value people of all backgrounds.


Acting in open and transparent with everything we do while not compromising honesty is important to us.


Working together in harmony towards shared goals and listening and respecting each other.

As mentioned in..

“There are hopes that the China International Student Union will become a permanent group even after Covid-19 which could help address issues such unscrupulous agents, as well as providing a greater support network and more information for current and prospective students.”. 

Callan Quinn, The Pie News

“China International Student Union (CISU), which consists of representatives from over 200 universities across China, has penned an open letter to China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs to provide students with a clear date regarding their return.”

Study International Staff

“Last Wednesday, the China International Student Union – an organisation campaigning for the return of foreign students to China – wrote an open letter to Chinese President Xi Jinping saying foreign students were in “grave desperation”. 

Maryann Xue , South China Morning Post

“The CISU poll showed that 64 per cent of students supported better credit- or accreditation-transfer arrangements between China and their home countries, which would allow them to finish clinical and laboratory work in nearby facilities.”

Joyce Lau, Times Higher Education

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