About my story as a student due to the China visa entry ban- By Crystaline

Hello, my name is Crystaline and I am a final year  student of Wuhan University of Technology batch 2019, studying Masters of Business Administration from Indonesia. I was supposed to graduate on May 2021, but due to the circumstances caused from the pandemic I was forced to suspend my studies and didn’t graduate this year. Up until today there is no certainty when I can come back to China to finish my Masters Degree Studies.

Back in January 2020, after finishing my final semester exams I went back to my hometown Jakarta  to have a one month winter vacation and I never know that there will be this pandemic that cause me to spend 2 years in my home country , stranded.

Starting from March 2020 up to December 2020, I spend my time studying online and to be honest that studying online give me more drawbacks that benefits. Firstly, the main problem is internet connections that is a barrier for me when attending online classes , since I come from a developing country and because that my country is a developing country the internet here is not as advanced if compared with developing nations like South Korea and Japan. I missed several classes due to internet connections problem and almost failed a course because I missed “too much” classes.  Secondly, another problem is difficulties in communicating with classmates when there are projects (because some come from different time zones and some are due to their circumstances at home), university staffs and lecturers too whenever there are some matters needed to be discussed (especially urgent matters). Third problem is circumstantial problems.

The biggest problem for me from studying online and not be able to go back to China is when finishing my final years thesis. I started my thesis in September 2020 and it was a struggle for me to communicate with my thesis supervisor. My thesis supervisor is very hard to be reached, it can take weeks to months for her to reply my message whenever I need guidance and consultation with my thesis. When doing thesis it is needed to frequently consult with the thesis supervisor (at least 2x a week), and because of barriers and struggles to reach my thesis supervisor it really slowed down my progress and I have poor work results. The worst part, is that I was not allowed to change my thesis supervisor despite of how many times I have protested to the school about the poor communication and professionalism of my thesis supervisor , despite the strong and reasonable reason I gave countless times, my request is always rejected by the University authorities. So because of the problems being mentioned above, the only solution is to suspend my studies and wait for me to be able to go back to China if I were to finish my thesis, because it is impossible for me to hound down my supervisor from afar and it would be easier for me to reach her face to face when I am back in my campus in Wuhan.

I don’t have that much options and choices , this is the only way I can do and the cheapest option. It is impossible for me to switch universities because firstly is financial situation. I don’t come from a rich family background , I come from a middle income family. My dad is very old, his business is not doing so well (we rely our main income from monthly rent of properties) and my mom is also have serious illness for quite some time and needs money for medication. I really fear of losing my chance of getting my degree and not be able to coming back to China for a very long time. Graduating my Masters from a Chinese University is a lifetime dream of mine.

I hereby am sharing my story here to let everyone and authorities to know the struggles of me as an international student in a Chinese University resulting from the Visa Ban Entry to China. I do hope that the authorities do consider our situation and take quick actions to open borders for us international students, because we have waited for too long and not be able to resume our studies. Not be able to resume our studies and go back to China gives us more drawbacks. I am also vaccinated with an Astrazeneca vaccine (will get my 2nd dose by 2nd September) and willing to do quarantine and other required procedures as soon as I step foot on Chinese soil.

Best of Regards,


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