Hello Laoshi – Adnan Syed

Hello Laoshi,

It’s been almost 19 months, in these time frame we saw sequel’s of variants of COVID-19 (a lot of say series or sequel’s will surely come in the future as well), we saw 1st, 2nd, 3rd waves (God knows how many more will come in the future), we finished 3 semester’s online, if it was some other field it would have been understandable but we are studying MEDICINE in which we save life’s. (we appreciate the hard work done by all the teachers but the online studies weren’t up to the mark and we were still asked to pay full tuition fees despite of having online studies and also without any lab classes “which are the most crucial part of medical studies” ), we all saw how many technical glitches the online exams and the classes have which the students had to bear and face the issues at their own expense, we all faced the lack of communication from the teachers end (whether it was regarding the documents needed from the office to contacting the respective subject teachers), there are a ton of other aspects like MENTAL HEALTH of the students which in actual no one took into consideration and many more.

About online internship neither me nor any one else would have thought  about it even in their dreams that we will  be  treating people by doing online internship.

But all these time nothing has been done to call the student’s back even after the government has vaccinated more than 70% people, we understand it’s all under the government but the universities too have some authorities, when everyone except students can come to china following all the protocols why not us. When all the other countries are calling the students back to resume their studies offline nothing is being done to call us back to China.

We understand you, we understand the government’s concerns but who will understand us( the students).

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